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Des Matelske
Freelance Filmmaker, Director, Production Coordinator

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Des Matelske’s love for writing and directing started with analog film and recording on VHS tapes with her sisters in elementary school. At sixteen, she made the decision to attend the Medina County Career Center in video production for her final two years in high school to sharpen her skills in movie making and spark her drive for the film industry. Graduating at the top of her class, Des turned down multiple colleges with one goal in mind - to make a movie. Spending her entire college savings, she created her first feature film and landed screenings around the USA. Eager for more, Matelske signed up for New York Film Academy’s summer program and then proceeded to pack up and move to Boston to study screenwriting at Harvard University. Des does not limit herself to only her own projects, but has worked on low and big budget motion pictures on set and in the production office. Learning script editing and the business of the industry first hand, Matelske aims to create stories that continue to drive the perception that cinema is an art form and not just a means of story telling.